The promotion was held on June 4

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A slow moving cold front tracking across southern Manitoba Wednesday will spread snow across south central and eastern Manitoba Thursday into Friday. Precipitation will begin as rain this evening but gradually change over to snow across the Red River valley and Interlake tonight and eastern Manitoba on Thursday. At this time the heaviest snowfall amounts are expected east of Winnipeg where totals of 10 to 25 cm are possible.

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cheap nba Jerseys china /10 cent beer night celebrated 40th anniversary/?utm_source=rss 05 Jun 2014 00:04:40 +0000?p=364256It been 40 years since the Cleveland Indians hosted 10 cent beer night, and to this day it is still one of the most infamous promotions in Major League Baseball history.The promotion was held on June 4, 1974 and was intended to both show the Cleveland Indians appreciation for fans and as a way to make money of course.While the idea was innocent enough, 10 cent beer night ended up going wrong and even caused a massive riot. It also led to several streakers, a few fist fights, some fire crackers and the Indians forfeiting that night game against the Rangers.The whole thing may sound like a mess and something Cleveland would be ashamed to talk about, but that couldn be further from the truth. Cleveland Indians fans talk about the catastrophe with fond memories and even consider it a source of civic pride.There are a lot of questions about what really went down at the stadium that night, but an even better one is, would anyone attempt a 10 cent beer night at a baseball stadium? truth is, Cleveland wasn the first place to come up with the idea and other stadiums across the country had hosted similar events. cheap nba Jerseys china

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